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After a long trial and error period of seeking therapy, finding Dr. Johnson was simply refreshing. From patient listening to gentle encouragement, she made me feel seen and heard in a way that I had not yet experienced in therapy and I am forever grateful. Dr. Johnson did a great job of naturally and effortlessly facilitating our sessions in a way that catered to my needs each visit. She was always fully present and I truly admire her ability to empathize and guide with compassion. As a young adult and young Black woman, she empowered me to sit in the driver’s seat of my own life, consistently show up for myself, and to never accept anything that compromises my growth and wellbeing.

/ k.a. /


Working with Dr. Johnson has been a breath of fresh air. She is attentive and thoughtful with her approach to your individual therapy needs. Because of Dr. Johnson, I am more confident and have the tools I need in my toolbox to navigate a new chapter of my life. If you're looking for someone to hold you accountable, support you as you work on healing through trauma, and building your self-esteem I highly recommend working with her. Dr. Johnson without a doubt has an impact on my life.

/ F.B. /


Dr. Johnson is a wonderful therapist - and provided a really welcoming and constructive environment for us to work together on my issues.  She helped me get through real hurdles in my life. Dr. Johnson began building rapport before our first session [during the phone consultation and via email correspondence].  I was seen very quickly, and payments were made very easily. Dr. Johnson’s responds promptly to emails and has a variety of time slots to choose from - and appointments can be made online ... Dr. Johnson is extremely knowledgeable (about psychology, CBT and so many other things in life!) and incredibly well read - and this means that she draws from a very deep well of resources that helped me understand what I was going through. I have been impressed, and completely trusted her guidance. She had a unique way of empathizing with me - it was not difficult at all to open up.  Dr. Johnson provided strategies that I am still working my way through … I really can't speak more positively about her!

/ C.T. /


"While previous therapists had helped keep me alive, it was only through my work with Dr. Johnson that I was able to truly start living.  She provided me with a supportive space to not just voice my fears but also validated a lot of the reactions I was having during that particularly difficult period of my life. She helped me question some of my negative thinking patterns and helped me create a framework for positive thoughts going forward.  Because of the work I did with her, I was finally in a position to fully confront a deep issue that had been holding me back for years.  Dr. Johnson has an amazing ability to balance the gentle yet firm guidance important to effective therapy. I am forever grateful." 

/  j.l. /


"Dr. Johnson was one of the most honest, clear, direct, accommodating and helpful therapists I have ever been to. She is incredibly kind and easy to talk to and simplifies things that feel overly complicated. I loved working with her and looked forward to our appointments together. I walked out every time feeling much more relaxed, relieved and calm. Thank you for everything Dr. Johnson!"

/ L.W. /


"It was a true pleasure working with Dr. Johnson. She really takes the time to learn her clients and has an individualized approach to counseling. Every exercise and homework assignment helped me grow - I really don't know if I could have made the positive changes in my life without her. In addition, Dr. Johnson's office was always welcoming, and scheduling appointments was quick and easy. If you are looking a for a therapist that is professional, relatable, and above all, effective, Dr. Johnson is it."

/ C.C. /


"Dr. Johnson guided me out of a rough period in my life.  The biggest lesson was learning that my past does not define me and to stay true to myself.  It seems like an easy concept - I understood it conceptually but my heart struggled to accept it.  Dr. Johnson was patient and strategic; she gave me homework (yes, like study sheets) so that I could practice during the week.  She created a safe place for me to be vulnerable and share my insecurities.  I am immensely grateful for our sessions. I am happy to be thriving."

/  Evan c./


"Finding a therapist you can connect with, feel vulnerable with, and afford in NYC is no easy task. I was amazingly lucky to meet Dr. Johnson and work with her over the course of a year. She is a great communicator in person and via emails. Her open and kind nature makes it easy to feel comfortable and open up over the course of a session. Working through family trauma is never easy, but I can't imagine doing it with a better therapist and I am glad Dr. Johnson was able to listen, coach, and even give me homework on my road back to being a better me. I highly recommend her and miss working with her."

/  MOLLY J.  /


"As far as therapists go, I couldn't have asked for a better one. Not only is Dr. Johnson kind and understanding, but she is also action oriented. She helped me to change my pattern of negative thinking, and move in a positive and productive way towards some specific goals. She also helped me to develop action plans for specific relationships that I needed to work on, and she really helped me to create and maintain boundaries that allowed me to heal and further understand my own emotional needs. At the time, I was in a pretty negative work environment and feeling stuck when it came to the prospect of finding another job. She helped me to outline an action plan to find new employment at a progressive organization where I can grow professionally, which helped me to feel more in control of my path. Her guidance and understanding was invaluable. I was sad to see her go, but I am excited that she will be able to help others also reach positive breakthroughs; LA is lucky to have her!"

/  M.L.  /

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